There is currently a portfolio of drug development opportunities that hold the real potential for curing various types of childhood cancer 

However, operational and financial challenges create roadblocks and discourage investments in this field.

Top Challenges For Pediatric Clinical Development

While the list of unmet medical needs in pediatric oncology remains long, so does the list of clinical development challenges, e.g.: access to expert clinical investigators, efficient patient recruitment, address regulatory complexity or lack of funding, among others.

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We aim to accelerate innovative treatments on children with cancer by providing de-risking co-development support for promising pediatric oncology drug development projects

Focus on validated, clinic-ready projects leading to drug approval looking to leverage pediatric incentives in the EU and US for risk mitigation and creation of early value to shareholders.


Development of specific pediatric cancer drugs, independently of adult development, on the basis of established pediatric drug targets.

Drug repurposing opportunities within the pipeline of adult drugs with the same mechanism of action in children.

Providing funding and core capabilities for clinical development: pre-clinical to phase III

  • Design of pediatric oncology clinical development plan
  • Regulatory support and feasibility studies (FDA and EMA)
  • Trial design and protocol development
  • Clinical operations
  • Biostatistics and data management
  • Medical writing
  • Pharmacovigilance

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