The majority of all existing oncology drugs are designed to treat cancer in adults 

In all existing drugs that fight cancer, only 15 include specific information on pediatric oncology patients in its prospectus.

Oncology biomarkers are molecular, biochemical or cellular changes that identify therapeutic targets to develop customized treatments with higher success rate

Research initiatives to advance biomarker discovery in childhood cancer are minimal.


We aim to discover novel precision biomarkers to repurpose and develop new drugs focused in subsets of populations and tumors through a cutting edge proprietary screening platform

This niche strategy and unique approach for orphan designation is critical due the lack of therapeutic options currently available and will lead to significant risk mitigation and provides fast track strategy to create value to shareholders and patients.

Repurposing reduces the risks, time and cost of drug development

Extends the value and life cycle of existing drugs.

Fits naturally within a risk reduction model since repurposing begins with approved or late stage development compounds with established safety and bioavailability profiles that can also enter clinical testing rapidly.


Repurposing existing drugs:

Identifying new biomarkers allows for the modification of existing therapeutic targets in adult cancer drugs and will help identify treatments for children with greater therapeutic effect and lower toxicity.

Developing new drugs:

Access to accurate information about each type of childhood tumor from identification of new biomarkers will facilitate the development of new drugs specifically for children with cancer and ensure more effective cancer treatments.