At Oncokids Biosciences we are proud to count on some of the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. A firts-class skilled team passionated and committed with our mission.


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Ricardo García      
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Cesare Spadoni PhD, MBA 
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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Marta Princep PhD      Chief Business Officer      

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Michel Janicot PhD     
Chief Scientific Officer             

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Evie Mengou MSc
Head Of Regulatory

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Eva Méndez PhD          Head Of Strategy          Drug Discovery

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Joan Montero PhD
Head Of Science      
Drug Discovery

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Wouter Wijker PhD    
Head Of Strategy
Clinical Development

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Krisztian Nagy MD    
Head Of Operations    
Clinical Development


Jonathan Eric Agin JD  Director of Community Relations


Henar Hernando PhD  Senior Scientist Drug Discovery


Berta Martí PhD   
Head of Partner Relations


Jose Antonio Ramos          Head of Finance & Administration